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About us

Heavenly Bodied focuses on self care. We have one body and it's important that we not only take care of the inside but the outside as well. We never take time to just slow down, relax and pamper ourselves.


In light of Covid-19 I suspect that many of you are missing those Spa appointments. With Heavenly Bodied we bring the Spa into your home. 


Why Heavenly Bodied? Not only is everything personally made by me, the owner, the products are very fresh. They aren't made in huge batches sitting around getting old. 


Why did I start the business? About 4 years ago God planted the desire in me to become an entrepreneur. I've always loved crafting and putting my hands to work. I started making bathbombs, soaps and body butters and fell in love with the results; fast forward and here we are today. Working from home allows me to set my own schedule so that I can care for my family. 


You'll see that many products do not have dyes/colorants/perfumes because we understand that some people are sensitive; and although we cannot please everyone, I'm sure there is something for everyone to love. 


Disclaimer: We follow the guidelines of the FDA but our products are not FDA approved as this is not a requirement for soapmaking. These products are not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".